The word 2020 has become more of a catastrophic symbol rather than a mere year. This year has been drastically successful in teaching us the brutal relalities of life. Moments that always went unappreciated, relations that were taken for granted, wellness, health, financial stability and even the life that we were living free of fear, free of anticipation of drastic consequences had never been acknowledged enough for the good. Despite all the obstacles, despite all the fears, it is safe to say that majority of us still enjoyed the blessings and had access to basic life necessities. Imagine not being able to pay the bills or buy groceries because you lost your job due to the economic crisis faced by the company. Well, somethings cannot be imagined until experienced either directly or indirectly.

Team Soch has had a fair share of indirect experiences about how families have been suffering due to lockdown. A good percentage of our country has experienced poverty below average during the Covid-19 pandemic. They lost jobs, couldn’t afford to pay rents, spent all their savings in health treatments and were left with nothing but hopes to get identified and helped.

Proud to say that Team Soch as its motive suggests is at the service of such families who have been affected by Covid-19. Soch Team is initiating a donation drive for the affectees of Covid-19. This is only possible with your help.

Prophet SAW said “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Pakistani nation is known for its generosity when it comes to charity. Some of the greatest charity organizations and humanitarians have been birthed by this soil and there is no doubt that every Pakistani is ready to give charity no matter how less or how big amount it is. Charity has always been a call away for this nation. In accordance with such philanthropy, Team Soch in collaboration with Amal Academy has been running donation drives and with the help of generous people, 1 lac Rs was raised which were donated to Edhi Foundation. Therefore we ensure the authentic use of your charity money and that it will used for the desired cause.

No amount is less or more when it comes to charity. Even a 10 Rs can add up to an amount which is enough to buy groceries for an affected family. We urge you to donate whatever you can in your capacity.

Taking ownership of our country, lets consider it our responsibility to help those who shy away from asking, help those who we know cannot afford to pay bills, help those who have lost their jobs and help all those who are in need at this times of crisis. This is our test of faith. Lets pass it by passing what they need, spreading smiles and being kind because the world is already too unkind to us right now.

Donate for Allah loves those who spend from what HE has provided us on those who are in need of it.

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